A unique pairing: Tio Pepe Fino Rama & Oyster En Rama



A decade ago Tio Pepe En Rama was born. Tio Pepe En Rama is an un-filtered and un-fined Fino has been at the forefront of developing En Rama as a style of Sherry globally.


Made by González Byass, Jerez’s number one producer of the world’s best known Fino Sherry Tio Pepe, the essence of this wine dates back to the very beginnings of the Jerez region whilst embracing the most recent consumer trends – a wine that is drunk in its most natural state, true to its roots and authentic.


Always innovating González Byass has created a perfect matching combination: Tio Pepe En Rama with a uniquely grown Oyster En Rama. The Tio Pepe Oyster en Rama project brings together two wonderful, raw natural products: Fino en Rama and Oysters.


Zeeland’s Roem traditional oysters grow at the bottom of the sea, close to the sand, nourished with zooplankton. From this idea we have created a different style of oyster which has been grown to match perfectly with Tio Pepe En Rama.


The En Rama oysters are grown closer to the surface of the sea, than other oysters. They consume phytoplankton and the natural movement of the tide flow together with the use of baskets in which they grow are essential factors in giving these, very special oysters, a more deeper form to the shape which creates the perfect vessel to fill with En Rama, once the oyster has been swallowed. The combination is sensational: the subtle, savoury flavours of the Tio Pepe en Rama 2019 matches perfectly with the saltiness of the oysters.


“We wanted to give Sherry drinkers the chance to try Fino Sherry in its purest state, straight from the cask,” explains Antonio Flores, master blender at Gonzalez Byass and two-time winner of the IWC Len Evans Trophy. “This combination of En Rama Oysters and our Tio Pepe En Rama is a wonderful match which brings out the best in both elements.”



How to serve Tio Pepe En Rama


Tio Pepe En Rama is best served slightly chilled in a generous wine glass. Once opened it should be within a month. Since the launch ten years ago, the team at González Byass have been encouraged by the shelf life of this wine and its potential for ageing.


The 2019 Tio Pepe En Rama is a selection of 67 casks from the many thousands in González Byass’ bodegas in Jerez. Taken from the barrel at precisely the time of year when the flor is at its thickest to ensure maximum intensity and fresh, yeastiness in the wine.