25 March 2018: Food Bash at Café d'Anvers!



Save the date — 25.03.18.

Deliciously fancy cocktails will be served by the greatest bartenders, a never seen lineup of 6 high-end chefs with a unique vision will take care of your taste buds, and this is finished with some cheesy cheese & seductive sweets. And last but not least, it will be accompanied by the coolest wine bar you've ever seen. Yeah, you got it right, 7 sommeliers will serve you behind the bar in a discotheque! Followed by the vibes created by 5 DJ’s, who will be gently heating up the atmosphere on "Sinday-Eve".


Jurgen Nobels - The Cobbler (Gent, BE)
Kamiel Buysse - Blend (Antwerp, BE)
Charlotte De Fevere 
Frederic Geirnaert 
(more to be announced)

On the Menu

Street Food — Hendrik Buysse - Blend (Antwerp, BE)
Evergreen — Kenny Bernaerts - De Vijfhoek (Sint-Katelijne-Waver, BE)
Gastropub of the year — Bruno Timperman - Bistro Bruut (Brugge, BE)
Fine-dining — Jan Tournier - Cuchara (Lommel, BE)
Cheese — Frederic Van Tricht - Van Tricht (Antwerp, BE)
Sweets  — Patrick Aubrion - Aubrion chocolates (Antwerp, BE)

Trusted Sommeliers 
Alexandre Ravays - The Vine (Zottegem, BE)
Pieter Verheyde - Restaurant Terminus (Poperinge, BE)
Sanne Dirx - Cuchara (Lommel, BE)
Brecht Terryn - Moortgat
Jazzper Van Papeghem - De Jonkman (Brugge, BE)
Andy De Brouwer - Les Eleveurs (Halle, BE)

Paco, Balkansky, Kamiel & Smos.

What we offer

All-in night ticket - 106€ p/p (valid only till 00h), 
Entrance @20h, all-in drinks till 00h, party till 6h 
from 00h the rules and fees of Café d’Anvers would apply.

Late-night ticket - 15€ p/p
Entrance @00h, party till 6h 
the rules and fees of Café d’Anvers would apply.

Practical info
Food Bash - Sinday-Eve
Sunday 25 March 2018
from 20u00 until 06 in the morning.
Café d'Anvers - Verversrui 15, 2000 Antwerpen

Tickets & info: www.flemishfoodbash.com 

Over Flemish Food Bash

De eerste editie van Flemish Food Bash vond plaats in 2014 in Antwerpen en trok ruim 1000 foodies. Vorige zomer werd de eerste buiteneditie georganiseerd op het strand van Oostduinkerke. Meer dan 5500 mensen woonden toen het culinaire topevenement bij. De tweede indoor editie vond plaats in Gent en bracht 2500 mensen samen en vorige jaar vond Food Bash in Sofie's Sunset beach bar plaats. Drijvende kracht achter de Flemish Food Bash-events is de flamboyante chef-kok Vincent Florizoone uit Koksijde.